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Advanced tree planting

Albury N.S.W.

As with many building projects, the owners of this home made some decisions part way through the process of building their dream home on an elevated sloping block.

They had decided an advanced Japanese Maple tree would be a perfect instant feature for the entertaining courtyard that was wrapped around three sides by the home –the major complication being that by this time the formed concrete swimming pool had already been constructed across the unwalled side and blocked access for installation.

The solution was simple but dramatic – ECS arranged for a crane to lift our smallest excavator over the top of the house and into the courtyard to excavate the garden area. The 4m tall advanced tree was then also craned in, and then the excavator removed via crane again once planting was complete…. ( the owners completed the rest of the landscaping themselves with small plants that they could carry into the rest of the garden).

Services provided under this project;

Advanced Tree Planting