Revegetation Blocks, Tubestock Planting

Whether a large scale tree block for visual screening or wind protection is required, or smaller revegetation projects, ECS can assist with recommending, sourcing, and planting of tubestock suitable for your site.

Our staff can either hand plant tubestock for targeted revegetation, or for large open sites where tractor access is possible our specialised
tree planter can be used for efficient planting of high volumes of tubestock.

We can also supply and install stakes and guards to protect your new plantings.

Ground Preparation, Deep Ripping

Some sites that are intended for revegetation benefit from some preliminary work to provide improved conditions for site establishment.

Soil compaction is often responsible for poor performance or failure of plantings, particularly on sites that require reinstatement following civil works where large equipment has frequently travelled.

Cultivation breaks up the soil to allow easier penetration of natural rainfall and root establishment, while deep ripping is useful where deeper root establishment is desired to be able access sub soil moisture. ECS has a variety of equipment suitable for ground preparation -please contact us to discuss which may be the most suitable for your site.

Blackberry & Woody Weed Control

ECS has been involved with a number of projects to remove noxious woody weeds from properties, parks and waterways. These removals not only get rid of the undesirable species but allows for opportunity for follow up revegetation and/or makes way for improved access.

See also Logging Winch and Chipper Units in relation to major removals of pest tree species, and also Forestry Mulching for more information on blackberry and sucker removal.

Wetlands & Waterways

Enviro Culture Services has been helping our clients with works around North East wetlands and waterways for over 10 years. We have a range of plant and equipment with different options of rubber tracks/ high flotation tyres to minimise ground disturbance, and can specifically target undesirable vegetation with either specialised mulchers or mowers or chemical free treatments for especially sensitive sites.

Some of the services we offer are;

Planting out newly constructed created wetlands/ urban biobasins to create new habitat areas for frogs, birds, lizards etc and filter urban run off.

Flocculation of new wetlands to reduce turbidity by accelerating particle settlement.

Regular maintenance e.g trash rack clean outs, desilting, removing excess sedges that may block water flows

Water quality and Erosion control strategies such as hydrospray application of stabilisers , installation of coir logs, jute matting leaky weirs and rock beaching.

For more detail on some of these techniques also see the following section below, and also Hydroseeding and Soil Stabilization

Leaky Weirs, Rock Beaching and Erosion Matting

Each of these different techniques are useful in different applications to stabilise soil and can be used either alone or in combination.

Jute matting is a biodegradable layer that helps loose soil stay in place while vegetation cover establishes, rock beaching is typically used as a buffer to disperse the energy of moving water, and leaky weirs are timber barriers used in gullys as a long term approach to slow run off flows and trap sediment.

These can be put in place early as a preventative measure at the beginning of a project , or as a rehabilitation strategy for sites with existing damage -please contact us to arrange a site inspection to allow our team to assess and suggest suitable treatments.

Steam Weed Control

Steam weeding is a completely chemical free method of controlling weeds which in simplified terms uses very hot water applied to the targeted weed to destroy the soft tissue. It is a completely organic and sustainable alternative to glysophate herbicide application.

Enviro Culture Services has a large trailer mounted Steam Unit, that has a self contained boiler and pump system. Our staff apply the steam injection via a hose reel/wand delivery ensuring only the targeted weeds are subjected to heat treatment.

It is especially suited to sites such as schools, playgrounds, aged care facilities, and childcare centres where yards can be safely used immediately after treatment, as compared to chemical based herbicide that require a period of restricted access to treated areas.

As the treatment is literally only water there is no risk of off target damage by harmful spray drift, no residual effects in soil or contamination of water bodies, and no risk of effect on sensitive population of species such as fish, frogs, or insects such as bees and butterflys which are essential to a healthy ecosystem.

Walking and Access Trail Construction and Grooming

With the increasing use of public parks and reserves, Enviro Culture Services can assist local government bodies with providing new designated trails and tracks and keep existing tracks in good condition.

This can range from installing simple shared use granite tracks in urban parks as cost effective connective paths, through to extensive trails and crossings through the bush for cyclists and bushwalkers.

Maintaining fire trails is also vitally important to allow clear access for emergency vehicles to effectively travel in urgent situations.

Enviro Culture Services has a range of equipment from mini skid steer loaders through to a D5 Bulldozer – see also Earthwork equipment

Other Services

Please feel free to enquire if we may be able to assist with
something else to make project management easier for example, as part of an overall package for past works we have also;

  • Installed/ repaired rural fences,
  • Sourced and installed breeding boxes for birds and possums,
  • Removed obstructions from waterways
  • Placed tree snags to create habitat in dams, and creeks.
  • Transplanted mature clumps of wetland species for instant results