grounds maintenance

Enviro Culture Services provides Grounds Maintenance Services in a broad capacity to our clients.

Some require regular scheduled visits to keep their sporting precincts, gardens and lawns looking good all year, others call on us to tidy up before a special event, or as a support to existing grounds staff during peak periods.

Scheduled Grounds Visits

We have a number of clients which have ongoing arrangements for us to
tend to their grounds.

We can provide weekly, monthly or seasonally arranged visits for services
such as mowing, edging, pruning, hand weeding, herbicide application, and
autumn leaf collection.

Slashing & Slope Mowing Equipment.

Enviro Culture Services has a number of tractors and slasher units suited to slashing of vacant blocks or larger lifestyle blocks, and broad-acre sites.

Enviro Culture Services has also been safely cutting extreme slopes for over 12 years, owning specialized equipment with a wide configuration over a low centre of gravity. These mowers are especially designed to traverse slopes where it is unsafe for a conventional tractor to mow .
See Slope Mowing for more information on the slope mowing equipment options available.

Storm Clean Ups, Site Clearing & Removal of Old Gardens

Our large range of plant and equipment enable us to clear unwanted shrubs /gardens, old concrete slabs and other general debris to make a site ready for new works or simply for a good tidy up to improve the look of the property.

Fallen trees and flood accumulation litter from severe storms can also
be cleared to help restore function to your site.

See also our section on specialized equipment for more information
on the Greenwaste Chippers and Logging Winch for larger scale storm clean ups.

Stump Clearing

After a tree has been cut down, a portion of the stump and the roots below are often left behind. These remnants frequently get in the way for new works, can sometimes lead to suckering regrowth, or simplylook unsightly.

Stump grinding is a process where grinding teeth are positioned over the unwanted stump and lowered down/across to pulverize the remaining timber and major roots. The hole is then backfilled to make tidy, and ready to have new plants or be grassed over.


This machine is perfect for vacuuming up large piles of autumn leaf litter, or light garden clippings such as the offcuts from pruning mass planted ornamental grass clippings .

This is particularly useful where there are large areas to tidy, or access is difficult to traditionally rake and collect such as sloping gardens