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Ettamogah N.S.W.

The owner of this property has been gradually increasing biodiversity areas in key locations of his farm over the past 10 years. As an active member of the local Landcare group, the owner has carried out quite a lot of plantings himself, however for bigger projects or where specialist equipment was needed he enlisted ECS to help.

ECS was engaged to assist with larger scale tree lots, and creekline biodiversity plantings, (image gallery shows before and after plantings ).

ECS also assisted with dam rehabilitation works where ECS fabricated heavy duty fencing to guide stock access together with rock beaching so as to minimise pugging of dambank.

The dam rehabilitation works have been so successful , the site now features on the cover of the NSW Local Land Sustainable Farms brochure for Enhancing Farm Dams.

Services provided under this project;

Rock beaching
Dam rehabilitation
Tree planting