We pride ourselves on our well maintained fleet of modern equipment, and we have invested in some highly specialised equipment in order to provide our clients quality results efficiently and effectively.

Some of our pieces are custom fabricated especially for us, while others have been imported and are one of only a few in all of Australia.

Our extensive fleet includes some 45 pieces of major plant as well as smaller hand operated items.

Slope Mowing

Enviro Culture Services has been safely cutting extreme slopes for over 12 years, owning specialized equipment with a wide configuration over a low centre of gravity. These units are especially designed to traverse slopes where it is unsafe for a conventional tractor to mow.

Reach mowers can mow grass or forestry mulch minor vegetation on steep fire trails, which are also often cut in combination by staff with
brushcutters for harder to navigate sections.

For less extreme sites, Enviro Culture also owns a number of Low Profile Equal Wheeled Tractor units, which can be coupled with slashing units in a variety of cutting widths.

Remote Control Units

Enviro Culture Services consciously seeks to adopt safer, more efficient methods where possible as an integral part of the evolution of the business.

As many slopes and embankments have bodies of water at the toe of the
batter, there is the additional risk of entrapment and drowning, as well as the potential or fatality or serious injuries from a tractor rolling down a slope.

Our remote control operated mower has significant safety benefits ideally suited for higher risk slopes.

The low profile greatly reduces the risk of tipping or rolling, and in the event that there may be an accident of the unit slipping or tipping on a slope, risk of injury to the operator is eliminated as the SOP requires the operator to either stands out of harms way above or to the side of the location
where the unit is cutting.

Forestry Mulching

The Forestry Mulcher physically grinds woody weeds such as elm suckers and blackberry canes away to ground level for instant aesthetic improvement.

Even tree saplings can be ground to clear areas.

The newly cleared areas allows access for follow up with chemical treatment to target the specific unwanted vegetation (eg weed stick wipe).
This is particularly useful in sensitive areas such as riparian zones where ideally the use of chemical treatments are to be limited.

Logging Winch & Green Waste Chippers

For removal of larger unwanted vegetation, the logging winch allows fallen
trees to pulled from awkward sites such as creeklines to an area where our staff can safely cut into manageable sections for removal.

Smaller limbs and fines can be processed through either of the two chipper units we have available. This can be processed directly into a truck hopper to be removed from site, or alternately can be left either as a stockpile or spread to speed the biodegrading process.

Soil Preparation

The key to success in so many aspects of life is preparing with a good base.

Enviro Culture Services have a number of equipment pieces that can cultivate compacted subsoils ready for garden bed installation , or profile soils to form a suitable seedbed ready for hydromulching or other type of seeding application.

However, sometimes a firm base is required scroll down to section on Earthwork Equipment for more information on items suitable for levelling, base prep and installation of surfaces such as decomposed granite paths .

Hydroseeding & Soil Stabilisation

Sometimes referred to as “Spraygrass”, hydromulching is the application of a
mixture of seed, water, cellulose fibre mulch and usually a dye to form a slurry that is sprayed directly onto the ground surface via a cannon or a hose. A binding product “or tackifier” is also usually included, which essentially acts as glue that holds the seed in place to the soil long enough for germination without being washed away in a rainevent. Hydroseeding can revegetate
and cover a vast area very quickly, much quicker than direct seeding methods
such as broadcast or drill seeding, and represents a far cheaper way to revegetate than rolled turf. As well as flat areas, hydroseeding can be used to revegetate areas that are difficult or dangerous to access, and batters and
slopes with the addition of stronger tackifiers.

Regardless of seeding application method (drillseeded, broadcast or
hydroseeded) all methods of grass seeding require warm and moist soil conditions for good germination – typically spring or autumn conditions are best. However, one of the key reasons hydro seeding and hydro mulching have been adopted as the benchmark for site rehabilitation, sediment control and dust suppression is because the other methods have no ability to bind the top layer of soil, if climatic conditions are not suited to seed germination.

Hydromulching costs can be quite variable depending on the site. Just as
an example, land that is in poor condition and steeply sloped can cost more than three times the equivalent land that is in good condition and flat. The type of seed used in the application, as well as other soil amendments
added (eg fertilizers, bioorganic enzymes, tackifiers) all contribute to the
square meter rate.

Our team can assist with a site visit to assess variables and site specific elements to provide you with the advice for best treatment combinations for your project.

Earthwork Equipment

ECS has approx 20 items of heavy plant and equipment that ranges in size and purpose. We have the equipment to create accurate laser levelled areas, final trim and shaping of high profile garden areas, all the way to bulking out access tracks, reshaping swales.

Our fleet includes:

  • Large and mini skid steer loaders
  • Large and small excavators, with a range of track configurations and attachments.
  • Articulated loaders, including a small unit for tighter areas
  • Telehandler
  • Smooth Drum Roller, and Vibro plate for intricate areas
  • Trenchers and Augers
  • D5 Dozer for bulk areas