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Woolshed Creek

Thurgoona N.S.W.

Over 15,000 tubestock species were planted along creeklines and in connective corridors for this Thurgoona revegetation site.

ECS carried out preliminary herbicide treatment, and deep ripping in the open areas prior to planting. For the larger open areas the tree planter unit allowed us to install thousands of trees each day, while the understorey plantings below existing trees that the tractor unit couldn’t access were carried out by manual planting. All areas were staked and guarded at time of planting.

As the establishment of this revegetation site will be monitored by the client for a 10 year period, ECS also installed a number of photo point markers around the site to ensure that year to year comparison images were captured in the same position.

ECS  also assisted this client by supplying and installing nest boxes for gliders and birds into the existing established treed zones along the creekline.

Services provided under this project;

Deep ripping
Nest boxes